AR Music Playground UI = simple to play virtual instrument. Paired with apple AR glasses (that have inbuilt speakers) + iPhone. Glasses can read your hand gestures (like HoloLens 2 is capable to do). You can

Question Monster!

I made myself an inspirational pocket notebook. It contains collection of all the previous questions raised up on interviews or project discussions. I can face my project current state through this type of filter and

Circle Jam

Building some installations or new things started to feel too much. Is not there too much stuff out there anyway already? Looking back at my last sketches building some VR/AR cabinet with recording equipment and

Inspiration: Technology

I am excited to find out that Apple is planning to release soon (estimated 2020) a new wearable. Augmented reality (AR) glasses (figure 0) that work in pair with iPhone. The specs are expected to

Smart City + Music City

I am keen and happy to find out about UNESCO Music City program. Smart City and Music City concepts are both well established practices but there have not been too much thought about the possibilities of

Music is a universal language

Songs serve many different purposes: accompanying a dance, soothing an infant, or expressing love. Now, after analyzing recordings from all around the world, researchers show that vocal songs sharing one of those many functions tend

Embracing the Public Good

“Design takes place in the market, but this is only one side of the story. The other side is the public sector. When funding comes from public sources, research is expected to produce something the


I met with Sander (musician and event organizator) to discuss the topic and test my initial ideas with the community based platform (ecosystem) concept for freelance musicians, managers and promotors. The initial idea is that

Moving Target!

As an second research method i chose an qualitative interviewing. Qualitative interviewing means that instead of big quantity of surveys or anonymous data the people talked with are very carefully chosen so they represent the

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