I met with Sander (musician and event organizator) to discuss the topic and test my initial ideas with the community based platform (ecosystem) concept for freelance musicians, managers and promotors. The initial idea is that the future will be for the project based cooperating. Freelancing professionals will be gathering for the task at hand. E.g. Organizing festival, party, concert, magazine etc.

From the feedback from Sander, from the desktop research and from talking with other people i came to conclusion that there is no need for the new platform. People can gather at the places where “the party is” … like facebook and slack groups. And just like ordered to confirm my thought i received an email that is invite to join an Facebook Group for bringing like-minded industry men and women together into a place to have a discussion, share the latest music industry news, and empower each other. So seems like things are rolling on that direction already!

Besides there is already existing groups on Facebook and Music Estonia is working on creating the ecosystem (<— can i help?).

Main new takeaways from interviews and desktop research:

Spotify prefers popular music. There Are 4 Million Songs on Spotify That Have Never Been Played Once… It would be cool if Spotify would suggest interesting music … now it is in one loop … really generic sound = Spotify sound. Spotify is not valid place to find good new music

“Music will speak to those who care about music”
“I want that track that is not advertised” (DJ want’s to play original music)
“I want to find similar music to the track i heard! Where can i?”
“I listen two songs constantly within a month”

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