Circle Jam

Building some installations or new things started to feel too much. Is not there too much stuff out there anyway already? Looking back at my last sketches building some VR/AR cabinet with recording equipment and what not started to look kind of steam punk. How might i create something that do not need instruments? Something that let’s people to make effortlessly music together. I needed some air and jumped out.

I found nice new way of sketching on the run. There is neat add on at photos. You can draw right away (with finger) some notes on photos taken.Suddenly i understood. There is no need for instruments and all that jazz. What if the tools for creating those sounds are holographical? It would solve the noise problem because apples AR glasses will have headphones in-built.

Glasses are paired with phone and phones can be easily connected through bluetooth. So as many people want they can all jump in and start making music together. If the apple glasses will be as good as promised everybody will be wearing them anyway. So there is even no need for making the move to put them on. Post-screen time is coming around 2025 — as they predict.

Music playground is controlled through AR glasses app and phone. Headshakes and nods can run the app also. The markers that will pop-up instruments are on public spaces so cool thing is that holograms are weather and vandal proof.