Talking Heads!

I got a little carried away and thought about different systems how might it be possible connect into the music circles around the world and came up with installation of heads that see and hear.


Working on the AR music cube idea. How can i connect two musicians from remote cities together. What kind of technology is needed to achieve this goal? How would be possible to record sound and

Jam Cube

Jam Cube is (my goal is to create) an environment / platform / ecosystem that allows a musician to record (live recordings on the phone or in environments created for that purpose in the city

Text Drafts

... this is future vision for the recorded music industry at future smart(er) city ... AIM The aim of the project is to develop a future vision concept for recorded music industry. My wider goal is to

Sound Taxy

What if there would be an sound-therapy oriented Sound Taxi? You can order an ride with a suitable soundtrack for the occasion. Music-self therapy is a big thing and you can use your ride time

Supermarket Jukebox

You can choose the track for your shopping experience. New school juke box machines work with mobile pay or with bank card. Tracks are carefully selected by specialist and all the performers are artists from

Mood Tune

“From where i can find more good sounds like that?”

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