Jam Cube

Jam Cube is (my goal is to create) an environment / platform / ecosystem that allows a musician to record (live recordings on the phone or in environments created for that purpose in the city / Hi-Fi AR jam booths etc.) an instrument or vowel in the sense and share it with other musicians.

The goal is to find the melodic or rythmic moves (melody, podium, tempo, taste, etc.) that they like, recorded by other musicians (can be automatically searched by the song) for the phrase they like. He can get in touch with the authors of the gears and arrange a joint (some environments with AR / Jam Booths) to put together the song (can be saved and uploaded) and participate in the music city competition (people can vote) for the musicians’ trips to each other’s cities, where concerts and other exciting collaborative projects are held.

You can play only one move. APP offers you the right way to match or find other suitable matches. All copyrights are 50/50 and created at this moment. App master the demo.
It is directly connected to people.