Inspiration: Technology

I am excited to find out that Apple is planning to release soon (estimated 2020) a new wearable. Augmented reality (AR) glasses (figure 0) that work in pair with iPhone. The specs are expected to work a lot like its counterparts work now, as an accessory that elevates the iPhone using a mix of biometric sensors and its own unique display capabilities.

Similarly to Microsoft HoloLens 2 there is no need for gloves or anything like that for controlling the device. It all can be done with the head and face gestures and with the help of iPhone. The promise is even that The glasses might also enable smart holograms, that track users eye-movement and situate themselves on the screen based on where the user is looking. Apple’s upcoming headset has also been rumored to blow even the most high-end virtual reality (VR) headsets out of the water.

Apple AR glasses will run on operation system rOS to serve augmented reality developers. The company is also considering an “rOS App Store” with a roster of AR tools and experiences.

And further most the hope is that design of Apples wearables will be neat and sleek. Looking at the smart glasses designed by Focals by North it is really promising. They have managed to produce AR glasses that are light and stylish.

There have even made predictions that this invention will be the start of post-screen world where the screens will be obsolescence and replaced with the holographical apps.

Another great inspiration is Spatial an application that let’s easily collaborate from anywhere with the use of AR. It uses Microsoft HoloLens 2 AR technology to bring people closer from remote distances as they were sitting together. Virtual holographical avatars are created from quick 2D portrait photo scans to make on shared environment.