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Working on the AR music cube idea. How can i connect two musicians from remote cities together. What kind of technology is needed to achieve this goal? How would be possible to record sound and

Jam Cube

Jam Cube is (my goal is to create) an environment / platform / ecosystem that allows a musician to record (live recordings on the phone or in environments created for that purpose in the city

Inspiration: Technology

I am excited to find out that Apple is planning to release soon (estimated 2020) a new wearable. Augmented reality (AR) glasses (figure 0) that work in pair with iPhone. The specs are expected to

Smart City + Music City

I am keen and happy to find out about UNESCO Music City program. Smart City and Music City concepts are both well established practices but there have not been too much thought about the possibilities of

Music is a universal language

Songs serve many different purposes: accompanying a dance, soothing an infant, or expressing love. Now, after analyzing recordings from all around the world, researchers show that vocal songs sharing one of those many functions tend

Embracing the Public Good

“Design takes place in the market, but this is only one side of the story. The other side is the public sector. When funding comes from public sources, research is expected to produce something the

Text Drafts

... this is future vision for the recorded music industry at future smart(er) city ... AIM The aim of the project is to develop a future vision concept for recorded music industry. My wider goal is to

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