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Sound Taxy

What if there would be an sound-therapy oriented Sound Taxi? You can order an ride with a suitable soundtrack for the occasion. Music-self therapy is a big thing and you can use your ride time

Supermarket Jukebox

You can choose the track for your shopping experience. New school juke box machines work with mobile pay or with bank card. Tracks are carefully selected by specialist and all the performers are artists from

Mood Tune

“From where i can find more good sounds like that?”

Music Cocoon

Meditation cocoon. Jump in and choose your goal. It is super good tool to get your mental state to shape with the kick of sound-therapy. The waves of music will push you into the mental

My Music Tube

What if there would be an new kind of instruments that create new songs from your previous listenings and followings from music platforms? You will meet your friend. You have been listening Motörhead lately much so

7 Brave

90's type of Music competition TV show replica in mobile. Everyone can attend. Record tracks at home with phone or laptop and people can vote up dow. It cuts the barrier of production and that


I met with Sander (musician and event organizator) to discuss the topic and test my initial ideas with the community based platform (ecosystem) concept for freelance musicians, managers and promotors. The initial idea is that

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