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  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Project Plan
  • 03 Research
  • 04 Ideation
  • 05 Visual storytelling
  • 06 Sketching
  • 07 Text Drafts
  • 08 Prototype
  • 09 Design
  • Check-point
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🐝 Putukaväil AR

UX design, UI design and graphic design for the “Pollinator Highway” project led by Spatial Design Competence Center of the Tallinn Strategy Unit. 3D graphics and AR app concept by Johanna Jõekalda. 🌱 The Pollinator Highway is

Magus Molekul

Logo and title design for TV show "Tasty Molecule". In collabration with Black Plastic Media Productions (Maria Uppin, Robi Uppin). Music by Robin Uppin.

Via Baltica

Flyer design for concert event "Via Baltica". Photos by: Kaupo Kikkas.

Smell the Money − Notification

Scent notification for payments received. It gives a nice tickling feeling to see an received payment notification in your inbox. What if instead of an email note there would be a smell notification? You wake up in

Sumu dance mask illustration.

Su—Mu ✺

✺ SU—MU is electro-dance & folktronica act. Combining psychedelic sounds with up-beats, ethnic percussion and ambient tribal vibes. Organic meets the electronic. Let’s dance!

TOUR d’ÖÖ − Wheel card illustrations

Tour d'ÖÖ -- that is a critical mass ride event sprung from the first Tallinn Bicycle Week -- an independent initiative for encouraging urban cycling and bike culture in Estonia's capital Tallinn, as well as

Illustration of a soccerball


Christmas postcard design for Good Deed Foundation.

Book — Throught the Black Hole

Illsutrations and graphic design for the popular science book for children. It explains the modern physics and cosmology through adventures and playful jokes. Head spinning journey starts from black hole that leads to the parallel universes filled

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