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🐝 AR AvaLinn


Purpose of the app is to enable the citizens of Tallinn to experience the landscape architecture solution proposals for the Pollinator Highway via augmented reality. This is the first time in Estonia that a smart application has been created for this purpose.

​Murals that are painted on the end walls of the garages at the Pollinator Highway hide a virtual information layer, which can be seen through a specially developed augmented reality application AR AvaLinn.

By pointing your smart device at a mural, the visions of the Pollinator Highway come to life. One can get acquainted with the insect and plant species in the area, get a glimpse of the future open-air activities and also get an overview where the movement corridors for cyclists and a prospective tramline is planned.

My Role

UX/UI design and usability testing for the AR app. Graphic design for posters, information signs and mural.


The Pollinator Highway is defined both by biodiversity and urbanization. City and nature are not opposites: the guiding principle of the Pollinator Highway is to preserve natural biodiversity while offering diverse opportunities for leisurely activities as well as environmentally friendly ways of urban mobility.

In the future, the Pollinator Highway will become a vibrant city-wide linear park, a public space offering new green mobility connections and various opportunities for activities, but there is already a lot to discover today.



Project lead by: Spatial Design Competence Center of the Tallinn Strategy Unit.

In team with: Johanna Jõekalda — 3D content design for the APP & curation of the project.

Murals artists: Meem, Multistab, Silver Seeblum etc.

Photos: Johanna Jõekalda, Mats Õun