The aim for the TEET (Road Life Cycle Information System) is to develop a software solution that enables data collection, management and access throughout the road life cycle. Currently all the necessary data for this process is scattered around on paper or at other various softwares. To collect it all together in one place would be a huge improvement in time efficiency for the road designers and managers.

My Role

User experience design (UX)  & User interface design (UI).

My role at the project was to design a contract management module. My task was to cover the design process from research, exploring, ideating, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing and designing the final solution for user interface. I also helped to build and manage a design system for the software. 

UI design is based on the Veera design system.

Project lead by: Estonian Transport Administration

In team with: SOLITA, Ramboll, Bazooka