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  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Project Plan
  • 03 Research
  • 04 Ideation
  • 05 Visual storytelling
  • 06 Sketching
  • 07 Text Drafts
  • 08 Prototype
  • 09 Design
  • Check-point


City ♥ Beat is an interactive sound installation and future vision concept for Smart and Happy Music Cities. AR (augmented reality) playground at public spaces enables passers-by (with the help of the AR glasses) to

App — Dreamcatcher

UX & UI design for Dreamcatcher app. Dreamcatcher enables to share dreams and add meanings. It helps to find inspiration from the dreams and goals of other people. May it be something big they want to

Live Life+ Human avatar experience

Live Life+ is a platform through wich you can attend live performances with a VR headset and enjoy the event through the eyes of the performer (musician, sportsmen, artist, ornithologist etc) using contact lens camera.

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