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City ❤︎ Beat

  City ❤︎ Beat from Eerik Kändler on Vimeo. City ♥ Beat AR Music Playground   City Heart Beat is an interactive sound installation and future vision concept for Smart and Happy Music Cities. AR (augmented reality) playground at


 AR Music Playground UI = simple to play virtual instrument. Paired with apple AR glasses (that have inbuilt speakers) + iPhone. Glasses can read your hand gestures (like HoloLens 2 is capable to do). You can

Question Monster!

I made myself an inspirational pocket notebook. It contains collection of all the previous questions raised up on interviews or project discussions. I can face my project current state through this type of filter and

Circle Jam

Building some installations or new things started to feel too much. Is not there too much stuff out there anyway already? Looking back at my last sketches building some VR/AR cabinet with recording equipment and

Talking Heads!

I got a little carried away and thought about different systems how might it be possible connect into the music circles around the world and came up with installation of heads that see and hear.

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