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Software UX design for TEET (Road Life Cycle Information System) contracts module consept. The aim for the TEET was to develop a software solution that enables data collection, management and access throughout the road life cycle.

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🐝 Putukaväil AR

UX design, UI design and graphic design for the “Pollinator Highway” project led by Spatial Design Competence Center of the Tallinn Strategy Unit. 3D graphics and AR app concept by Johanna Jõekalda. 🌱 The Pollinator Highway is


City ♥ Beat is an interactive sound installation and future vision concept for Smart and Happy Music Cities. AR (augmented reality) playground at public spaces enables passers-by (with the help of the AR glasses) to


MYKO is Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (IDA) who helps you with the design tasks at hand. E.g. let's say you need to find suitable people from your huge client base (social media followers, e-mail list, subscriptions list,

Nudge − Safe Boy

Safe Boy is a health nudge for a dating app based on machine learning and AI. It reminds the user to use protection for safe sex (according to swipes, likes, matches, conversations, time spent in

Smell the Money − Notification

Scent notification for payments received. It gives a nice tickling feeling to see an received payment notification in your inbox. What if instead of an email note there would be a smell notification? You wake up in

Dialysis monitoring app for patients

App for dialysis patients that helps them to monitor their indicators on long term basis. Dialysis treatment is very individual and there is no solution fitting everyone. The monitoring system helps patients to make better decisions

Live Life+ Human avatar experience

Live Life+ is a platform through wich you can attend live performances with a VR headset and enjoy the event through the eyes of the performer (musician, sportsmen, artist, ornithologist etc) using contact lens camera.

App — Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher helps to find purpose in life and get inspired by others. Dreamcatcher enables to share dreams and add meanings. It helps to find inspiration from the dreams and goals of other people. May it be

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