Music Networking

After mapping down findings from interviews with the experts from music management the first patterns appeared. The main findings are that the target is moving and nobody knows exactly where to aim. One possible vision may be that in the future the field consist many independent freelancers who work together on project basis. They may start to form an network for that. Secondly. One of the paint points is that event organizers and venue promotors do not cooperate. There is need and interest to cross the borders of different subcultures do have an more richer culture life and to make bigger and more interesting things together.

My first thought direction on the ideation findings and on the subject lead me some service platform designs that would create new ecosystem that supports the idea of solo freelancing professionals cooperating and sharing experiences on project bases. Platform enables them to arrange and organize events and festivals together. They can share the artist and costs to make even greater things together. I made some visual storytelling sketches to test out the idea. Considering three type of focus groups: manager, musicians and promoters.